48 *h Neukölln – Yam Shalev

Fr. 19.06.2020 / 19:00 bis So. 21.06.2020 / 18:45

Post-digital surrealist painter

B. 1996 Tel Aviv, Israel


Artist statment :

I paint to create a more positive world than the world I came from.

Although the paintings are colorful, bright, childish and fantastical, they are a direct result of a small, complex and full of land wars and conflicts, an Israeli environment where I grew up and to this day identify with its land.

Just like where I came from, the paintings on land without land, neither past, present or future, imagination and reality, positive and negative, but always a combination all.

On the technical level, I’m interested in distorting of space and narrative, light and shadow, and a healthy composition, which is the endless possibilities of the piece.

Through the variety of techniques and dimensions, as well as the use of bright and pointy colors, transitions between realistic and imaginary, the work asks the viewer to slow down and analyze the image several times from different opening points, step by step, from character to character, to get the overall picture and evaluate the whole story.

Like individual situations that converge into one complete story that can be understood in retrospect, after we scroll it several times head-on. So does the composition of the characters, shapes, dimensions and clues scattered across the canvas, in various colors and techniques, finally converging and connecting to one complete story and a retrospective message


2020 – ‚Dialogs‘, Atelier97 arte contemporanea Gallery, La Spezia, Italy

2020 – ‚Contemporary Fine Art‘, Art.Number 23 Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2019 – ‚Christmas group exhibition‘, Stiftung Starke Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2019 – ‚UNGEMUETLICH VI‘, Forum factory Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2018 – ‚Urban Artweek‘, Berlin, Germany

2017 – ‚First national epilepsy day‘, Jerusalem, Israel

2016 – Street group exhibition, Tel-Aviv, Israel


2019 – ‚Studio visit‘ ,Im Grünen Bereich Studio, Berlin, Germany

2017 – ‚Behind the faces‘, Artspace Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel Auszeichnungen / Preise: 

2020 – IM GRÜNEN BEREICH, Berlin, Germany